A Day in the Life of a PGY-1 Ob-Gyn Resident

6:00 AM

Bedside work rounds

Residents & medical students arrive in Labor and Delivery to discuss each patient on their service, and make the daily plan for the patient.

7:45 AM


The gynecology team heads to the operating room to meet patients prior to surgery.  Cases have been discussed in a pre-operative conference, and adjustments are made based upon new findings.

8:00 AM

Labor & Delivery Interdisciplinary Huddle

Residents, attending physicians, & nurses discuss continuity of care for their patients and anticipate safety concerns.  This meeting is the opportunity to review findings and make plans for delivery management.

8:15 AM

Attending Rounds

PGY-1 residents and medical students meet with their post-partum or gynecology attending physician to discuss patient progress.

7:45 AM

Clinic / Consultation

Every resident has a continuity clinic each week, where they see a panel of patients and provide continuing care for them.  Residents also provide obstetrics & gynecology consultation for inpatient and emergency room patients.

6:00 PM

Night Call

The residents turn-over patient care to the night float team, which consists of a PGY-1, a PGY-2, and a PGY-3.  Residents manage labor and delivery, post-op patients, post-partum patients, and provide consultation to emergency room patients,  Weekend call is shared by the other residents.  No resident work-week exceeds 80 hours, and no call is longer than 24 hours. Residents with a 24-hour call on the weekend, generally have a day off during the work-week.  Two attending physicians are also on-call and are always available for supervision, consultation, and support.

Ob-Gyn Block Schedule Activities

Family Planning
Night Float

Maternal Fetal Medicine
Reproductive Endocrinology / Oncology
Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery
Night Float

Trinitas: private hospital gynecology
Weill Cornell Gynecologic Oncology
Chief of Obstetrics / Maternal Fetal Medicine Service
Chief of Night Float Service

Chief of Ambulatory Medicine Service
Chief of Gynecology Service
Chief of Reproductive Endocrinology / Gynecologic Oncology Service
Chief of Obstetrics / Maternal Fetal Medicine Service
Chief of Trinitas: private hospital gynecology

Ob-Gyn Scholarly Activities


During “Resident Research Day” every PGY-4 resident is required to present a paper.  To prepare for this presentation, each resident identifies an attending physician mentor and they work to develop the project.  All research is conducted in accordance with the Institutional Research Board.  Some residents choose a quality improvement activity as the basis of their presentation

Some recent activities

Omphalocele Associated with 9P Minus Syndrome (Gabrielle Alexander, Jessica Silva, Berenice Curi, Jana Yancy, Andrej Bogojevic, Kecia Gaither)
EC Gynaecology 8.4 (2019): 220-223

HELLP Syndrome in the Bronx (NY), US: Risk Factors and Maternal/Fetal Outcomes Jessica Silva, Melissa Magenta, Giovanni Sisti, Andrea Faraci, Ruchi Upadhyay, Kecia Gaither)
ACTS Scientific Women’s Health volume 1 Issue 5 October 2019 Publishes September 20, 2019, p23-26

Prenatal Diagnosis of Skeletal Dysplasia:  A Bioethical Dilemma ( Jessica Silva, Alexander Sabre, Bogojevic Andrej, Kecia Gaither)
International Journal of Pregnancy & Child Birth volume 5 issue 6 2019pp226

Early second trimester incomplete abortion with undiagnosed placenta accreta encountered as an acute gynecological emergency: a case report.
(Alexander Sabre, Waqarun Rashid, Manonmani Arul, Kecia Gaither, Chandra Jones. )  Int J Pregn & Chi Birth. 2019;5(5):177‒178. DOI: 10.15406/ipcb.2019.05.00171

Pregnancy Complicated by Listeria Monocytogenes:  A Case Report and Review of the Literature (Lisa Serventi, Berenice Curi, Rochelle, Johns, Jessica Silva, Ronald Bainbridge, Kecia Gaither)
Journal of the National Medical Association 2020

Ob-Gyn Resident Benefits

Ob-Gyn Conferences

Weekly Grand Rounds
Monthly Morbidity & Mortality
Monthly Quality Assurance
Weekly Peri-Operative Gynecology
Monthly Simulation Drills
Weekly Didactics
Alternate Weeks
Reproductive Endocrinology

Where are former Ob-Gyn residents now?

Recent graduates have gone on to fellowships in
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Minimally Invasive Surgery
AACS General Cosmetic Surgery

Others can be found in practices located throughout the NY, NJ area including,
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
Lincoln Medical Center
Montefiore Mt. Vernon
Holy Name Medical Center
HRH Care Community Health
Albany / Troy, NY

Others are located throughout the USA including,
New Hampshire

Some of the other Training Programs at Lincoln

Emergency Medicine
Internal Medicine
General Surgery
Transitional Internship
Maxillo-Facial & Oral Surgery

Palliative Care
Surgical Intensive Care

With New York Medical College:

  • Gastroenterology
  • Pulmonary & Critical Care
  • Hematology & Oncology


The Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Training Program at Lincoln Medical Center provides safe and patient centered medical care to the members of our community. We embrace the diversity in our patient population, offering them respect, dignity, quality, and compassion, while expecting our Residents to grow with every encounter.

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Program Director

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